3rd Edition - European Meeting of Neuroscience by PhD students

25th May 2018, Grenoble (France)


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Oral presentation applications are opened preferentially to foreign students having at least one year of results to present.

They will last 15 minutes sharp, followed by 5 minutes of exchange with the audience.

Presentations must have been given to the staff in the lecture hall at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the respective sessions. Speakers are asked to meet with the moderators 15 minutes before the beginning of their session.

A desktop PC, and a video-projector will be available for the presentations. The participants wishing to use their own computer are asked to plan the necessary adapters.

The language of expression is English. The talk numbers will be indicated on the definitive program (to come).


Posters are preferably for students who are beginning their thesis.

Posters will be displayed on panels during all the duration of the congress. Poster session are also planned during the day.

Each panel holds a A0 format poster in a portrait orientation (84.1 cm wide x 118.9 cm high). The language of expression is English. The poster number will be displayed here (to come).


Please, check this page regularly as information will be updated.

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